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This documentary film deals with the origin, scale and impact of plastic pollution focusing on how garbage harms human health. What do we know about plastic? Are we aware of where the plastic goes when we dispose of it? What are the possibilities of recycling it? Does contamination affect us all equally? This impact film tries to answer some of these questions and to propose concrete actions to change reality.

director mostra cine

Jerónimo Batista Bucher

Jerónimo Batista Bucher is a 22-year-old prominent biotechnology student. He was distinguished by Harvard University and the MIT as one of the 100 leaders of the future. OEA selected him as the winner of the Technology and Innovation of the Americas competition. He created the project recognized by the UN “Sorui”, which is about biodegradable cups made of algae as a proposal to reduce the use of disposable plastics. He promotes "Argentina does not discard", a campaign that seeks to promote participatory legislative advances to progressively eliminate disposable plastics in Argentina.