• National Fund for the Arts (Argentina), best script award
  • INCAA, project declared of interest for financial support.

feature fiction film


Walter is a trucker who is carrying drugs hidden in his vehicle. He needs the money to save his sick son. Joaquín and Valeria escaped one night at dawn, they are going to cross the border between Chile and Argentina taking with them a child who lives a desperate situation, and they try to make him pass as their son. Juana is an officer of the border police who is having health complications with her pregnancy. She comes to live in a small town to work at the border crossing. As soon as she arrives, she realizes that the place is dominated by a complex web of corruption. Three parallel stories, apparently independent, will intersect testing the way in which each one understands if the end justifies the means.

director mostra cine

Mariano Hueter

Mariano Hueter studied at the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires, where he currently teaches classes. He is a native disruptive content creator. He created and directed fiction series such as "Inconciente colectivo", "El mundo de mateo" and "Inconvivencia", among others. His series have participated in the Berlin Series Festival, Fresh Tv Fiction, Mipcom (Cannes), and have been exhibited in dozens of countries.